I am a Canadian artist working in New York City since 1995. I like to express myself in the different mediums of acrylic paint, ink and pencil. Arriving in New York City I was an active participant in the vibrant Williamsburg 90s visual art community and worked as an assistant to both famed SoHo gallery owner Holly Solomon, the estate of Gordon Matta-Clark and legendary new media artist Nam Jun Paik. Keeping studios in the city for over two decades my most recent exhibitions include the David Richard Gallery, ChaShaMa, Bronx Art Center and Spartanburg Museum of Art. I am currently working in my South Bronx studio where my imagery is informed by the architecture and physical reality of the local walls and bridges. I am creating different bodies of work on both canvas and paper which are contiguous with one another and encompass my main themes. The subjects of architecture, construction, demolition and urban textures were born out of the enormous growth and development in the Toronto I saw growing up. This visual background has formed my concept of abstraction as an activity of continual process. I continue to view painting as a construction site of ideas, like a city itself. My process begins from a simple sketch, photo, or general idea that I often garner from books that I read. These become fully worked through on the canvas or paper. Many of my recent works are parts of various ongoing series. I work in this manner to allow myself an open time and space to stretch out ideas without a definitive stopping point. In recent years, interests such as built forms in the insect world and the mutable nature of deteriorating structures focus my works on the color, texture, and line of both urban and natural environments. My painting is also fueled by my love of contemporary and historic art, graffiti and the live jazz music that I have access to here in New York City. These drive my vision to always develop and change.


Mike Childs received his BFA from the University of Guelph, Canada, and an MFA from Florida State University. He is the recipient of several awards including 2002 and 2021 Pollock-Krasner Grants, the 2022 BRIO award and a Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Award. At 26 he received an award to live, paint and teach in Florence, Italy from Florida State. His work has been exhibited nationally and is represented by David Richard Gallery. He has had numerous solo and two person shows and maintains a studio in the south Bronx where he draws inspiration from the architecture and walls since 2011. Recent shows at; The Bendheim Gallery CT, 2021, The Bronx River Art Center, 2021, David Richard Gallery NY 2020 and 2021, The Spartanburg Museum of Art, SC, 2021, the Wave Hill Gallery 2019 , Bronx,NY. In 2020 during the covid, he and artist Melissa Staiger created a ongoing 8 artist curatorial collective Streaming which premiered at the Stand 4 Gallery in 2021.